Notes on Driving

I recently learnt how to drive a car and have been able to drive in Delhi traffic which is a huge personal win for me this year. So here are my thoughts and takeaways from the whole learning process:

  • Just because you have your foot on the acceleration pedal doesn't mean you have to accelerate, you can also choose to move at a constant speed.
  • Never reverse the car in a blind zone and don't assume things in the blind spots.* Complacency is always risky while driving and otherwise.
  • Driving is just an orchestration between gear changing, acceleration and braking. Better the timing of each of these, the smoother the journey.
  • The engine has an inherent braking mechanism, use that wherever it is required, especially during downhill drives. Realised this very late, used to always press the clutch before braking which generally increases the speed of the car. Clutch first vs brake first depends on what speed you are at.